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Unsung Greaves of Asphodelos - Gamer Escape's Final ...

 · Patch 6.01. Description: Stunning but sadly unstoried greaves recovered from Pandæmonium. Two pairs can be traded for special foot gear. Requirements: Level. 1.

Blackened Greaves | Dragon Age Wiki | Fandom

 · Blackened Greaves are heavy boots in Dragon Age II. Found in a chest in Bartrand's Estate during the quest Family Matter in Act 2. The matching chestpiece and gauntlets for these boots are Dissension and Alunduris.

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 · Retribution Greaves Boots 4 5 11,025 Guardian points 15,000 Guardian points 1,500 100 150 Item Archive Bonus: +9 Defense Equipped Power: +20 Physical Resistance, 0 slots 18 Retribution Plate Armor 30 42 24,807 Guardian points 32,000 Guardian points 2,000 100 100 Item Archive Bonus: +10 Defense Equipped Power: +20 Physical Resistance, 1 slot 28

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 · Boots is an item class of armour pieces that can contain up to four sockets. There are 6 sub-types of boots: 3 pure sub-types which require single attribute and provide associated defense type. 3 hybrid sub-types which require two attributes and provide both of the associated defense types; at the cost of having both attributes required and defenses provided sightly …

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 · Greaves Set: Sigon's Sabot Unique: Tearhaunch: Defense: 12 - 15 Kick Damage: 10 - 20 Minimum Strength: 70 Durability: 24 Quality Level: 27. Exceptional. Demonhide Boots Set: Rite of Passage ... Belts • Body Armor • Boots • Circlets • Gloves • Helms • Shields: Other Items ...

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 · 《5:》TERA Boots n Greaves-HDT : 1. 2.Data 3.ESP MOD: MODTERA~

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 · ___2-3( Crafted Item. . . . . . Hitpower. Boots.


 · Greaves War Boots Myrmidon Boots Ort () Jewel() (1-4) (10-30)% (1-2) +(5-10)% ...

Greaves | Diablo Wiki | Fandom

 · Greaves are the highest quality Normal Boots. Defense: 12-15 Required Strength: 70 Durability: 24 Assassin Kick Damage: 10-20 Quality Level: 27 War Boots (Exceptional) Myrmidon Greaves (Elite) Tearhaunch (Unique) Sigon's Sabot (Set)

Greaves | Diablo 2 Wiki | Boot Stats & Modifiers

 · Greaves are Normal Boots in Diablo 2. Greaves can be equipped by all Classes.Depending on their rarity, Boots can have random or unique modifiers that greatly increase the player capabilities. Greaves Modifiers. Greaves has the following modifiers:. Modifiers depend on Rarity and Item Level . Greaves Base stats. Greaves has the following …

Unique Foot Armor - Official Grim Dawn Wiki

 · Windborne Greaves: 18 Boots of Unseeing Swiftness: 25 Stonewrought Groundbreakers: 27 Bloodhound Greaves: 30 Grim Harvest Boots AoM: 30 Rift-Torn Greaves FG: 30 Turin's Step FG: 30 Sellecor's March AoM: 30 Vilescorn Greaves FG: 30 Rifthound Leather Boots: 32 Dreadnought Footpads: 40 Deadwalker Footpads AoM: 50 Emberstone Treads …

Boots - Tyranny Wiki

 · Vendrien Guard Heavy Bronze Greaves. Heavy Armor 0.5 0.75 vs. Crush/Corrode 0 vs. Slash/Shock 0.5 Vendrien Guard Light Bronze Greaves. Heavy Armor 0.5 0.75 vs. Crush/Corrode ... Boots. Light armor. Common: Ceremonial Fatebinder of Tunon Boots. Sage's Boots. Cloth Footwraps. Heavy Cloth Boots. Heavy Cloth Sandals. Heavy Cloth Shoes. …

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Search Item By ID. Show iRO Classic Description? Current Item Drop Rate is set to 1x. Hide items that are not dropped by monster? Greaves [ 1] [ Footgear] Item ID# 2412 (Grave_) Type. Armor. Class. Footgear.

___2-3 ...

 · ___2-3( Crafted Item. . . . . . Hitpower. Boots.

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Search Item By ID. Show iRO Classic Description? Current Item Drop Rate is set to 1x. Hide items that are not dropped by monster? Greaves [ 1] [ Footgear] Item ID# 2412 (Grave_) Type. Armor. Class. Footgear.

Vaal Greaves - Official Path of Exile Wiki

 · Vaal Greaves Armour: 220 Requires Level 62, 117 Str Acquisition. Area level: 62 Vendor Prices. Normal. 3x Orb of Transmutation. Magic. …

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Titan Brawler Greaves | Prodigy Game Wiki | Fandom

 · Titan Brawler Greaves are a pair of boots in Prodigy Math Game. It seems to be like purple leather boots with matte lavender metallic plates/scaled. The bottom of the shoes are a white plate and the tip of the white bottom points upward. "Harvey mixed metal with to create stronger boots that can't even get scratched." These boots can be purchased with 100 from …

Berserker's Greaves | League of Legends Wiki | Fandom

 · Berserker's Greaves is a boots item in League of Legends. Berserker's Greaves are most commonly purchased by ranged basic attack-based champions, who can make the most of the attack speed and forgo other more defensive boots options due to their backline playstle

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Guardian Greaves - Dota 2 Wiki

 · The Guardian Greaves is an item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Support. However, it requires an item from the Secret Shop to be completed. Movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack. Stacks with all other movement speed bonuses. A support Bounty Hunter benefits from Guardian Greaves' extra armor and health regeneration, …

Terraria( Terraria)

 · Molten Greaves-> Molten Helmet-> Band of Regeneration-> Band of Starpower-> Anklet of the Wind-> Feral Claws-> Herme? Boots-> Rocket Boots->

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 · Greaves. Greaves of Har'bah. Greaves of Helius. Greaves of the Crucible. Greaves of the Faehunter. Greaves of the Legion. Greaves of the Martyr. Grounded Boots. I.

Inferno Greaves - Official For The King Wiki

 · The Inferno Greaves are Uncommon Footwear in For The King. Part of a cosmetic set which includes the Inferno Armor and the Inferno Helm, these much sought-after boots can only be unlocked for play after completing the more dangerous lower levels of Hildebrant's Cellar. Boasting high levels of armor and resistance with a wide array of excellent battle perks such …

Silver armor - The Official Terraria Wiki

 · Silver armor is an armor set crafted from Silver Bars.Crafting the entire set requires a total of 60 / 75 Silver Bars (240 / 300 Silver Ore).. It consists of the Silver Helmet, Silver Chainmail, and Silver Greaves.. The individual Silver armor pieces grant a total of 10 defense. Wearing a full set additionally grants a set bonus of 3 defense, for a grand total of 13 defense.